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We are the Best company in Ambala India in Manufacturing, Exporting Physics Laboratory Equipments and  Instruments. Science Lab Equipment India  deals in All these Physics instruments, He- Ne Laser, Zenner Diode, Thyratron Valve, Bar Pendulum, Optical Bread Board, Triode, Ballistic Galvanometer, Inertia Table, Bifilar Suspension, Vernier Caliper, Screw Gauge, Diesel Engine ( 4 Stroke ), Lee’s Apparatus, Petrol Engine ( 4 Stroke ), Sonometer, Young’s Module Apparatus, Newton’s Law of Cooling, Moisture Meter – Wood, Capacitance and  Resistance Box, Power Supply and  Transformer, Microprocessors, Sound Level Meter, Digital IC / Memory Tester, Hooks Law apparatus, Ohm’s Law, Voltameter, Ammeter, Desauty / Weins / Anderson / Maxwell Bridge, Semiconductor Devices, Galvanometer, Surface Tension Apparatus, Optical Bench, Cantileve, Ring and  Ball Apparatus, Vibration Magnetometer, LCR Resonance Apparatus, Searl’s Apparatus, Semiconductor Device, Capacitance Box, Lee’ Apparatus, Decade Inductance Box, AMMETER DC with Desk stand, Ammeter Ac With Desk Stand, Meter Desk Stand, Panel Meters Dc (Without Desk Stand), Aneroid Barometer, Astronomical Telescope/terrestrial Telescope With Tripod Stand, Balance Physical (Cap 250gm),aneroid Barometer,ballistic Galvanometer, Bar Magnet Alnico Make, (Parco/ Economy Type), Ring Magnet / Disc Magnet, Bar Pendulum (Compound), Bar Pendulum Stand (Metallic), Barton’s Horizontal Apparatus or (Torsion Apparatus) Searl’s Pattern, Barton’s Vertical Apparatus or (Torsion Apparatus), Battery Hydrometer, Bell Experiment Apparatus (Bell in Bell Jar), Bending of Beam Apparatus (Iron), Bending of Beam Apparatus (Koening’s Method), Bifilar Suspension Arrangement (Iron), Bi-metal Strip, Bi-prism (Freshnel's), Bob With Hook, Bob Set of 6 Metals, Boyle's Law Apparatus, Brass Wire, Bucket and  Cylinder, Bunsen Photometer, Cornu’s Method (Complete Setup), Anderson's Bridge, Callendar and  Griffith’s Bridge, Crompton Potentiometer Bridge, Carry Foster Bridge, De-sauty Bridge, Hay Bridge, Kelvin Bridge Student, Kelvin Double Bridge, Maxwell Inductance Bridge, Owen Bridge, Rayleigh’s Bridge, Schering Bridge, Wheatstone Bridge (Portable), Weins Bridge (Frequency Measurement), Weins Capacitance Bridge, Calcite / Quartz Prism, Callendar and  Barnes Apparatus, Candle Holder, Carbon Rod, Electro Magnetic Kitesistance, Linear Air Track Apparatus, Wimshurt Machine, Electro Magnetic Kit, Dynamic Trolley, ‘g’ by Free Fall Apparatus, Zeeman Effect (Complete Experiment Setup), Zinc Metal Granular, Z-pulley, Wooden Cube/ Cylinder/ Sphere, Wire Gauge Screen, Worchester Kit, Wind Wane Wooden Block With Hook, Weights of Physical Weight Box, Weight Box, Wave Motion Machine, Water Voltameter, Water Level Apparatus, Wheel and  Axle Model, Voltic Cell, Viscosity Apparatus, Vernier Calliper, Vande Graf Generator, Variac/ Dimmerstate/ Auto Transformer, Triple Beam Balance, Torsion Pendulum, Travelling Microscope, Ticker Tape Timer Apparatus. Soxhlet Extraction Unit,abbe’s Refractometer,polarimeter,karl Fisher Titrator,photo Colorimeter,cod Digester,b.o.d. Analyzer,tube Heating Block (Kjeldhal Dry Bath),redwood Viscometer ,soxhlet Extraction Unit,kjeldhal Distillation Apparatus, Dewar Thermos Flask, Distillation Unit – Singleand  Double, Karl Fisher Titrator, Refractometer ,dessicator, Crucible – Silica and  China  ,polarograph, Joules Apparatus, Laboratory Jack, Abels Flash Point, Apparatus (Close Cup Flash), Analytical Balance (Chemical Balance) Double Pan ,analytical Weight Box, Analytical Weights Spare, Asbestos Sheet, Atomic Model Set, Beaker Tong, Beehive Shelve, Blow Pipe, Boiling Point Method (Land Berger’s), Abels Flash Point Apparatus (Close Cup Flash), Buchner Funnel (Porcelain), Bunsen Burner, Burette Brush, Burette Clamp, Burette Stand With Clamp, Capillary Tube for Melting Point, China Dish (Porcelain) ,charcoal Block ,chromatography Paper Sheet ,chromatography Jar Apparatus,  Clay Pipe Triangle, Clamp and  Bosshead, Cleaveland Flash Point and  Fire Point Apparatus ,flask Tong ,cloud and Pour Point Apparatus ,crucible With Lid ,crucible Tong ,flame Spreader for Bunsen Burners ,fractional Weight Box ,funnel Stand ,gas Jar Cover ,gas Taps, Desicator Plate (Porcelain) ,electric Bunsen Burner ,engler Viscometer, Filter Paper Pkt ,filter Paper Ream, Gas Jar Cover ,ignition Tube, Label Book Sticker Type ,litmus Paper Red/blue, Magnesium Ribbon ,mecker Burner, for Wide Flame ,models for Display (in Acrylic Showcase), Pensky Martin Flash Point Apparatus (Close Cup), Periodic Table Chart ,pestle and  Mortar ,platinum / Inoculating Loop Holder, Platinum Wire, Fused With Test Tube ,retort Ring Fitted With Boss Head ,rubber Cork ,rubber Cone for Filter Flask, Rubber Cork Assorted ,rubber Tubing Coil ,rubber Tubing Pressure Type ,spirit Lamp ,staining Rack Wooden, Starch Iodide Paper ,test Tube Brush, Test Tube Holder ,test Tube Stand ,thistle Funnel, Tripod Stand ,wall Thermometer, Water Bath (Copper) ,water Tap ,wire Gauge, Aspirator Bottle, 's.g.', Bell Jar With Stopper, Battery Jars Round ,bell Jar (Knobbed), Burette With Pinch Clip Neutral Glass, Canada Balsom Bottle, 's.g.', Flask Measuring (Volumetric), 's.g.', Funnel, 's.g.' ,petri Dish, 's.g.' ,pestle and  Mortar, 's.g.', Gas Jar ,hydrometer Jars, ‘s.g.’ ,glass Tubing 4 to 7mm ,centrifuge Tube Box, Pp, Leclanche Cell Pot, ‘s.g.’, Pipette Washer (Automatic)  ,stainless Steel, Pipette Volumetric ,pneumatic Trough, ‘s.g.’ ,reagent Bottle (Narrow Mouth), 's.g.' ,reagent Bottle, (Narrow Mouth), Amber Colour ‘s.g.’, Specific Gravity  ,bottle, 'n.g.' ,specimen Jar With Bakelite Cover, 's.g.' ,specimen Jar (Rectangular Jar), Without Cover, Spirit Lamp, 's.g.' ,staining Jar ,winchester Bottle, 's.g.', Woulf Bottle, 's.g.' ,kipps Apparatus, 'b.g.' ,orsat Gas Analysis Unit 'b.g.', Sintered Glass Crucible / Gooch Crucible ,carboy ‘Plastic’ ,centrifugal Tube Conical Graduated ‘Plastic ,desicator (Vaccum) 'Plastic' ,draining Basket, Dropping Bottle 'Plastic'

Fisher Clamp (Burette Clamp), Micro Centrifuge Tube (Coplin Jar), Crystal Model Desicator (Vaccum), Slide Dispenser, Abs ,funnel Holder Single ', Laboratory Tray ‘Plastic’ ,leclanche Cell Pot 'Plastic' ,utility Tray ‘Plastic ,micro Tip Box ‘Plastic Nestler Cylinder Stand ,petri Dish 'Plastic' ,pipette Pump 'Plastic' ,pipette Stand, Plastic ,powder Funnel ‘Plastic ,reagent Bottle Wide Mouth 'Plastic' ,test Tube Baskets 'Plastic ,rack for Micro Centrifuge Tube 'Plastic ,test Tube Stand (3 Tier) 'Plastic' ,trough (Pneumatic) 'Plastic' ,volumetric Flask With Screw Cap 'Plastic' Wash Bottles 'Plastic ,water Bottle for Animal Cage ‘Plastic, L Shaped Spreader ‘Plastic, Ice Bucket.

We specialize in manufacturing, marketing and servicing of Biology Equipment Dissection Box, Spatula, Rotary Microtome, Herbarium Press, Botanical Vasculum, Entomological Pins, Bottom Sampling Net, Aquatic Net, Anatomical Models, Models and  Charts, Calorimeter, Ganong’s Respiroscope, Micro Slide Cabinet, Watch Glass, Cover Slip – Blue Star, Microtome – Erma Japan, Microtome – Spencer Type, Insect Storage Box, Insect Spreading Board, Botanical Models and  Slides, Zoological Models, Clinostat, Chromatography Paper, 18x18 mm glass slide off 100 sheets / box, Glass slides (72 sheets per box)., A glass slide wells (plate)., Insect collection box size 22x30x6 cm, Paper Stephen Lo cells. (Clear cellophane)., Slide box, 100 sheets., Magnifier, Micro slide Cabinet, Prepared Slides, Enamel Tray, Farmer Potometer, Forceps (Stainless Steel), Ganong’s Respirometer, B.g. (With Stand), Skeleton Within Built Torso (Removable Parts) With Stand, Ganong's Light Screen, Ganong’s Potometer (Borosilicate Glass), Human Skeleton, Full Size (Fibre), Human Skelton in Acrylic Showcase, Micrometer Eyepiece (Indian), Pasture Pipette Glass, Kuhn’s Fermentation Vessel, Lens Cleaning Tissue, Parchment Paper, Photosynthesis Apparatus (Mohl’s Apparatus), Root Pressure Apparatus (Borosilicate Glass), Scalpel (Stainless Steel), Sechi Disc, Stage Micrometer (Superior) Erma Japan, T/a Apparatus, (Transpiration and  Absorption App.) B.g., Willmoth Bubbler, Watch Glass (Superior Quality), Life History of Specimen in Plastic Jar, Botany Specimens, Zoology Specimens, Cuvettes, Arc Auxanometer (Small), Heliotropic Chamber (Dark Box), Lovibond Comparator (U.k. Imported), Disarticulated Skeleton (Fibre Glass), Specimen Collection Set (Plastomount), Human Joints (Model) Any One Joint, Chloroscope, Class work material( Common Zoology and  Botany ), B.P. handle, Photosynthometer, Dissecting Scissor , Blunt type/ Staright type, Dissecting Tray, Film Side Projector, Glass Manometer Tube Mounted, Overhead Projector, Hand Microtome, Microscope Slides, Microscope Cavity Slides, Micro Cover Glass, Leaf Area Cutter, J Tube Screw Fitting, Potometer ‘H” Type, Potometer Farmer’s, Potomeer Simple, Root Pressure Manometer, Precision Rotary Microtome, Simple Auxanometer, Transpiration Apparatus, Rocks Collection, Plant Press, Soil Auger, Pooter.

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